RMCCYC Brings Success to KYC Racing!


The Kingston Yacht Club’s semi-weekly PHRF racing has been a staple of the Kingston Sailing Community. Twice a week dozens of boats come out to the starting line to test their mettle against one another in a competition on speed and ability. However, one does not always consider the other, less noticed, side of the competition: the administrators and volunteers. With each race, members of KYC are called upon to volunteer their time and energy to helping the administrators put on a successful race. On 04 Aug 2015, RMCCYC was called upon to do their duty — something that, in the past, had proved difficult, if not impossible. This time, however, it would prove to be not only possible, but fun! Our team of awesome volunteers manned the committee boat, as well as the pin boat, and you would hardly know they were working what with the abundance of smiles and laughter! A big thanks goes out to our volunteers for making this the first official participation by RMCCYC in KYC’s PHRF racing a roaring success!



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