Skipper Qualification Level

The RMCCYC has established a Skipper Qualification Level (SQL) certification to ensure the continued safety and functionality of the club boats. In order to sign out a boat belonging to the RMCCYC, you must achieve at a minimum, SQL1.

Skipper Qualification Level 1 – SQL1

  • Restrictions
    • 30 minutes after dawn until 30 minute before dusk
    • No boats permitted inside of restricted areas as defined by Marine Chart
    • No boat shall come within 100ft of any other land within the restricted areas, other than when leaving or entering docking area
    • 15kt wind limit
    • Life jackets to be worn at all times
  • Requirements
    • Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card
    • Demonstrate pre sail Checks
    • Check all rigging
    • Remove all internal water
    • Ensure fuel is topped up
    • 3 Fenders
    • Paddles
    • 3 Dock lines
  • Testing
    • Demonstrate the use (lowering, raising and changing all sails (Jib/Genoea/Main/Spinaker)
    • Demonstrate how to Tack and Gybe­ all sails
    • Demonstrate how to verify and adjust rig tension based on wind speed
    • Demonstrate man overboard recovery procedures
    • Demonstrate general right of ways­ Stbd over Port­ bigger or smaller­ ferries over everyone
    • Demonstrate the ability to prevent collisions at all times
    • Demonstrate motor operations (Lower/Raise/fueling procedures/fwd­Rev operations)
    • Demonstrate how to use the portable radio for PAN PAN and MAYDAY MAYDAY emergencies.
    • Demonstrate how to use all safety equipment in the safety pack
    • Demonstrate Docking and Undocking Procedures
    • Demonstrate Post Sailing Checks
    • Remove all internal water
    • Secure all safety equipment
    • Secure all lines
    • Secure all sails to the proper stowage area
    • Secure life jackets in boat house

Skipper Qualification Level 1 (Racing) – SQL1(R)

  • Testing
    • Demonstrate skipper capability in ≥15 knot winds with a crew of 4
    • Demonstrate departure techniques
    • Demonstrate docking techniques
    • Demonstrate how to Tack and Gybe all sails
    • Demonstrate proper choice of sails for the wind conditions and crew capability
    • Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of The Racing Rules of Safety (RRS) which can be obtained here

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